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INVICTA Group Services with over 25 years of knowledge, involvement and experience in organizing journeys to Cuba - with offices in Miami and Havana - can coordinate every feature of your journey to Cuba. We can facilitate your air, water, and ground transportation: from all aircraft logistics to landing permits to all crew and passenger entry visas to the rental of your own private auto or the private services of a local expert driver. We can assist you in your accommodations: from hotels at multiple destinations in the island to “casa particulares” - bed and breakfast private Cuban. We inspire you to explore Cuba via one of our designed Support for the Cuban People programs. We endorse our experience, when helping you choose from one of our multiple Support for the Cuban People Programs or simply custom create one for you - your own once-in-a-lifetime VIP itinerary. INVICTA Group Services harvests and support high level corporate incentive programs throughout the Island of Cuba.


We are company established in Florida in 2015 by its sole shareholder and President Mildred Díaz, who has more than 25 years of experience in the civil aeronautics industry with emphasis on Cuba. During these years we have participated in various projects of air transportation of passengers and cargo, read cargo for events, concerts, filming, funerals, unaccompanied luggage, as well as commercial and diplomatic cargo. All these operations have been carried out on specific charter flights for each occasion. In each case INVICTA has acted as a carrier after chartering the aircraft and as a freight forwarder to handle the cargo.

INVICTA Group Services staff team is directed by one of the pioneers and innovators in People-to-People travel between the USA and Cuba. Mildred Diaz, the founder of INVICTA Group Services, began designing, operating and guiding journeys for Cuban- Americans, U.S. citizens and foreigners more than twenty-two years ago and has supported, designed and executed tours to an inspiring list of individual and group clients, ranging professionals from academics, visual and performing artist as well as culinary experts to asserting travel expertise to  U.S. government officials and U.S. business individuals as well as a diverse selection of American and foreign celebrities.

INVICTA Group Services operates our Support for the Cuban People Programs to Cuba under our own OFAC general license. We have a diverse collection of custom inspired Support for the Cuban People explorations in Cuba tours to choose from. Our architectural, historical and educational staff are Cuban experts that offer in-depth interchange through one-on-one encounters that explore a comprehensive assortment of cultural disciplines.

INVICTA Group Services welcomes you to “explore Cuba with us”. Today Cuba is an unquestionable inimitable world destination, and INVICTA Group Services allows you to explore Cuba’s rich historical culture while involving you directly to local new modern innovators within the various branches of creative activity, such as the visual, performing and culinary arts. Our selection of Support for the Cuban People range and expand in a series of multiple topics:

CULTURAL CUBA | Art Architecture Music & Dance Tours

ARCHITECTURAL CUBA | Urban Architectural Tours

INSTITUTIONAL CUBA | Educational & Community Social Tours




RURAL CUBA | Eco Tours




Architectural, Cultural &

General Tours


Architectural, Cultural &

General Tours

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